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“Dafu Tutoring helped me with my math classes in grade 10 and 11. I really agree with their professionalism and teaching ability. The tutors here are very careful, so if you're having trouble with your class, you can always turn to them”

Student at Fieldstone Kings College School

Our Services


Dafu Tutoring offers online private tutoring 1-1 with customers to help them with their school classes.


Highschool math can be difficult, let our university students help you with those pesky equations and differentials!


Need help with how to write your essay? Don't know how to analyze that poem? Let our B.A. English students help!


Don't know how to balance equations in chemistry? Our tutors studying science in University will help!

University Tutoring

We also offer help with University subjects. Notoriously hard classes like Organic Chem, Calc and many more are availablele!

Diponte Academy 

Check out Diponte Academy, a private school who's dedicated to making sure all students are successful and prepared

University Notes

Need well written notes? Check our University Notes page to access what you need!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is zero commitment. If you are unsatisfied with the services, we will provide a refund and terminate the contract free of charge.

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